Notice of Sale Under Section 9 Of The Recovery Of Loans By Banks (Special Provisions) Act. No 4 Of 1990


(Formerly known as DFCC Bank)




    Description of the Property Mortgaged By Mortgage Bond No.1199
    All that divided and defined allotment of land marked Lot 1 depicted in Plan No. 1114 dated 20-09-2008 made by R.K.P.Ranaweera, Licensed Surveyor of the land called BANDARAWATTA ESTATE bearing assessment No.107, Vijitha Mawatha, situated at Gampaha Aluthgama within the Gramasewa Division of No.225. Aluthgama East and Divisional Secretariat Division of Gampaha within the Limits of Gampaha Municipal Council in Meda Pattu of Siyane Korale in the District of Gampaha Western Province.

Containing In Extent: A0-R00-P22.24

Together with the building and everything else standing thereon.

Together with the right of way in over and along the Road Reservations depicted in the said plan no.114 held and Possessed under and by Virtue of Deed no.284 dated 17-10-1989 attested by A. Lanton Silva

The Property Mortgaged To DFCC Bank PLC By:
RAJASEKARA WADUGE NESLI RANJITH ALIAS NESLI RANJITH RAJASEKARA, LOKU RAJASEKARA WADUGE LAL ANANDA AND LOKU RAJASEKARA WADUGE NIHAL PRIYANTHA RAJASEKARA (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Partners) carrying on business under the name style and firm of GAYAN GOLD HOUSE has made default in payments due on MORTGAGED BOND NO. 1199 dated 18.05.2017 attested by Ruwanthi Fonseka, Notary Public in favour of the DFCC BANK PLC.

Under the Authority Granted to Us by DFCC Bank PLC

We Shall Sell By


On Thursday 13th December 2018

Commencing at 11.00 a.m. at the spot

Mode of Payment

The Successful purchaser will have to pay the following amounts in cash at the fall of the Hammer.

  1. 10% (Ten Percent) of the Purchased Price.
  2. 1% (One Percent) of the sales Taxes payable to the Local Authority.
  3. Auctioneer’s Commission of 2 ½ % (Two and a half percent only) on the purchased price plus applicable taxes on the commission.
  4. Total cost of advertising Rs.112,000.00
  5. Clerk’s & Crier’s Fee of Rs.1,000.00
  6. Notary’s Fee for condition of Sale Rs.2,000.00

The balance 90% of the purchased price together with any other statutory levies, duties, taxes or charges whenever applicable and imposed by the Government of Sri Lanka or any other authority to be payable within 30 days from the date of sale.
For further particulars please contact the Legal Department of DFCC Bank PLC on Tel: 011- 2371371

*The bank has the right to stay / cancel the above auction sale without prior notice.

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