By Saaj Samerawickreme

Through our Company, over the course of 130 years has hosted the greatest auctions in Sri Lanka, there’s nothing quite as magnificent or mesmerizing than an art auction once in a while.

For today, I stand among some of the masterpieces of Sri Lanka’s finest artists such as George Keyt, Manju Shri, Lucky Senannayake, Ivan Peiris, and Richard Gabriel etc. Among the many masterpieces present here today, there are many works of art which depict Sri Lanka’s cultural lifestyle, traditions, customs, rituals and heritage. Such as ‘Giving Alms’, ‘Aerial view of Perehara”, ‘A Kandyan Chief’s daughter’, ‘The Hermitage’, ‘Madonna & Child’, ‘ Elephants at Minneriya’ etc. Apart from these each and every painting has a story behind it. This truly is an auction worth attending for all lovers of Sri Lankan art and heritage.