The legendary “Bell Banda” of S&S

There was no man more committed to his work than the legendary “Bell Banda” of S&S. With sandwich billboards around his neck, he would walk the length and breadth of the city, ringing his bell announcing the latest auction to be organized by Schokman & Samerawickreme. The sound of his bell was all it took for the city dwellers to know of the forthcoming auction, an event which was much looked forward to by everyone. In an era where there were limited methods of mass communication, Banda was an asset and a legend, synonymous with S&S. Banda was the “Google Maps” of the 20th century. He could navigate himself and find his way back home from wherever he went. With his ever ready smile, Banda once found himself featured in the front page of a calendar. Banda will be remembered as a small man in stature who has left an indelible mark in the long history of Schokman & Samerawickreme.