Schokman & Samerawickreme, had the rare privilege to auction a house built on top of Richmond Hill, Galle, the capital of southern Sri Lanka. Commissioned by the District Court of Galle, the auction was held on a beautiful Saturday morning in January 2022.

It is indeed interesting to note the origins of “Richmond Hill”, which is said to have been known as Mount Seymour or Sillery’s Hill, in the 1800s. However in 1857, Rev. Joseph Rippon, the Head of the Methodist Missionaries in Galle, who had his theological training at Richmond College in Surrey, England, out of love for his former college or because of the scenic splendor of the area, renamed the location Richmond Hill.

A lesser known fact about Richmond Hill is the Richmond Hill Railway station, the first railway station in Sri Lanka built and named after a school, Richmond College Galle. The Richmond Hill Station is located on the Coastal line between the Piyadigama Railway Station and Galle Railway Station. It has been constructed during the early 1900s for the benefit of children who attend the many schools around the area. The station is located at the base of the hill approximately 200 m (660 ft) from the Richmond Hill Road.

Schokman & Samerawickreme, an organization woven in the history of Sri Lanka, has proven yet again, that they are the leaders in the industry.

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