About Us

Established in 1892, Schokman and Samerawickreme is the leading auction house in Sri Lanka, specializing in auctioning household and office furniture, motor vehicles, antique furniture, paintings, collectibles and machinery, in addition to conducting valuations and real estate brokering. The company counts corporates, diplomatic missions and individuals among its many clients.

With showrooms in Colombo and Kandy, Schokman and Samerawickreme provides customers the opportunity to browse through items prior to scheduled auctions, or to directly purchase pre-owned household and office furniture, antiques, paintings and other collectibles. The company also operates a vehicle yard in Battaramulla. Mister Move, established in 1998, is a subsidiary of Schokman and Samerawickreme that offers transport services.

In keeping with its drive to innovate and offer clients the best service possible, the company recently launched its Digital Auction platform, a revolution in auctioneering in Sri Lanka.

The Samerawickreme family owned and operated business has a strong commitment to professionalism, transparency and ethics in all its operations. This is a commitment made by co-founder Edwin Samerawickreme over a century ago, and is one that is honoured by every generation of the family. It is why the name Schokman and Samerawickreme has stood the test of time, growing in credibility, reliability and expertise to become the number one auctioneer in the country.

Our Heritage since 1892

Back in 1892, in a town located in the highlands of British Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Schokman, a tea planter by profession, introduced the concept of auctions to the island. When he was not tending the vast tea plantations under his care, Schokman would auction furniture belonging to his friends and colleagues who were leaving the shores of Ceylon to return home. Discovering that he had a passion for the activity, Schokman formalized the operation by setting up a small auctioning house named Schokman & Co.

Not long after, while attending the horse races at the Ceylon Turf Club, Schokman met Edwin Samerawickreme, who was a Sales Manager at Tuckers/Millers. Striking a firm friendship, the two men discovered they both had a shared passion for auctioneering and decided to go into business together. This friendship and joint passion were the foundations of Schokman and Samerawickreme, pioneer Chartered Auctioneers in Sri Lanka, since the year 1892.

When Schokman passed away some years later, his friend and business partner Edwin Samerawickreme decided to continue on his own and preserve the name Schokman and Samerawickreme. The firm’s head office was moved to the city of Kandy, and Edwin’s older sons — Lloyd and Derrick — joined their father in business, learning the ropes before his demise in 1956. The brothers soon realized the potential in expanding the auctioneering business to the city of Colombo, which was fast establishing itself as the commercial hub of the island. After setting up an office in Colombo, Schokman and Samerawickreme began expanding its operations throughout the island. 


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Mr. Navinda Samerawickreme

Managing Partner

Navinda began his career in auctioneering by joining the family business in 1990. His entry into Schokman and Samerawickreme marked the business passing down to the third generation of the Samerawickreme family, carrying on the legacy which began back in 1892. Navinda completed his education at Trinity College Kandy prior to learning the trade of auctioneering under the watchful eye of his father, Shirley, who had become a master auctioneer at the time.

Taking on the reigns of the business after his father’s passing, Navinda’s vision and perseverance has seen the 129 year old company transform and move into the digital age. A master Auctioneer and Valuer himself, Navinda is also a committed social worker and has been conferred the Melvin Jones Fellow by the Lions Clubs International. In addition to functioning as Managing Partner of Schokman and Samerawickreme, Navinda is also the Managing Director of Mr. Move, a subsidiary of the parent company.

Mr.Anuja Samerawickreme

Partner and CEO

Anuja entered the family business in 1999 after completing his education at Trinity College Kandy. Joining older brother Navinda, Anuja honed his auctioneering skills under the tutelage of their father Shirley Samerawickreme. Today, he is recognized in Sri Lanka as a master Auctioneer and Valuer and is in charge of overall operations at Schokman and Samerawickreme.

His commitment to the Samerawickreme family legacy has seen Anuja dedicate over two decades of his life to strengthen and grow the company to what it is today. He currently functions as a Director of Mr. Move, in addition to his role as CEO of Schokman and Samerawickreme.

Schokman & Samerawickreme achieved another milestone when we were awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification for the following activities;

9001:2015 certification

This entitles us to be the first Company in South Asia Pacific to have obtained ISO certification in the field of Auctioning & Real Estate Brokering in South Asia Pacific. The company which originated in Kandy is now an internationally recognized name. At present we have tied up with internationally renowned Real Estate companies such as Savills Australia and Cushman & Wakefield. Owned and managed by the Samerawickreme family, Schokman & Samerawickreme is committed to maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, ethics and confidentiality throughout its business process, a commitment that will be honoured by the future generations of Samerawickreme’s.