People's Bank - Auction Sale of a Valuable Property

Date & Time : Thursday 25th August 2022, Commencing at 11.00 am
To Be Held At : at the People's Bank - Negombo Branch Premises

The successful purchaser will have to pay the following amounts in cash at the fall of the hammer. (l) 10% of the purchase price
(2) 1 % Local Authority tax payable to the local authority
(3) Auctioneer’s Commission of 2 1/2 % (Two and a half percent only) on the sale price.
(4) Clerk’s & Crier’s Fee of Rs. 1500/=
(5) Cost of sale and any other charges, if any.
(6) Stamp duty for the Certificate of Sale.
Balance 90% of the purchased price will have to be paid within 30 days from the date of sale to the Manager, Negombo Branch.
If the said amount is not paid within 30 days as stipulated above, the Bank shall have the right to forfeit the ten percent (10%) of the purchase price already paid and resell the property