Five Reasons Why You Should Choose to Sell by Auction in Sri Lanka


Auctions are not new to Sri Lanka, in fact it’s a system that has been around for over 125 years. There are many reasons why Sri Lankans continue to sell furniture, property and motor vehicles by auction, and here are five of them.

1. Reliable Method

Auctions are one of the oldest and most reliable modes of disposing furniture and effects in the country. Introduced in the British Ceylon era by Schokman and Samerawickreme (1892), it has evolved with time to become a popular and much sought-after method of selling furniture, collectibles, property and motor vehicles in Sri Lanka.

2. Sell Anything

Absolutely anything can go under the hammer, whether it is surplus household or office furniture, paintings, curios and collectibles, property, machinery or motor vehicles. If you feel it has resale value, and you want to get the most competitive price for it, your best option is to choose to sell by auction.

3. Open and Transparent

Auctioning is a transparent method of transacting. The process is open, and gives the seller clarity with regard to the market value for the item they are selling. The seller can also maintain anonymity if they so wish. From the perspective of the buyer, they can see who they are competing with, and they have an equal opportunity to make an offer for the item they are interested in.

4. Supports Sustainability

Auctioning is a great way to keep items in circulation instead of dumping them in landfills. What may not be of use to you anymore, could still have value for someone else. By choosing to dispose of surplus or unwanted items through auction, you contribute positively to the environment by recycling items and helping reduce pollution.

5. Competitive Bidding

Sellers can get the most competitive price at an auction, since interested buyers will bid against each other. The final price of the item will be an accurate reflection of its market value, and the seller can rest assured that they have achieved the best price possible at the time.

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